Saturday, August 29, 2015

Super Heroes in the Ordinary World - #1 Super Dad and Super mom

I'd like to indicate that this blog post and the series that falls under this tagline "Super Heroes in the Ordinary world" would be a celebration of the people who've inspired to be a better person in life. So to start up, If I have any innate good quality that I can be proud of, is simply because of my Mom and Dad. They would always be my #1 Heroes.  I'm always thankful for everything that they've done so far and what they continuously do for me.

I can still remember, back in the day when the world produced great music, in the 80's when my sister was a new born baby, how Dad would wake up to everyday for every cry that she would make in the middle of the night. Most of the time, when she was hungry - Believe me she cried alot! He would respond with a kind gesture, tirelessly he would go to the pantry to make the child's milk at this God forsaken time. Back then, even though I couldn't read or write I realized how awesome my Dad is.

My Dad is a rare breed he could sing beautifully complimenting every song he sings, Apparently he used to be a great party animal singing to every neighborhood he resides before he met my Mom ofcourse. Now he only gets to sing to my mom. Mom believes its his privilege. ;)

Dad is definitely a rare breed, he could just look into any electronic machine and diagnose what wrong with it just by observing the noise. He has trained so many to find employment and to earn a good living including his brother. Unfortunately I have very little knowledge of what he knows best. So its true - "Farmer's son wont always end up being a Farmer" in this case a Technician's son.

My dad is a very straight forward guy that gets him into trouble all the time, his Kryptonite is his own aggressiveness but all in all he is delicate like a flower. He wont hesitate to help the needy. He would even go to extent of giving his own meal away if required. I've seen that happen plenty of times. I'm different - if I have a tasty meal I wont share it with the unknown, period.

Super Dad
Now being grand parents, My Mom and Dad still continue to be awesome by giving it all to Rocky. My Dad has become a walking laundry because Rocky poops alot. on the other hand when everyone is dead asleep my mom becomes a walking a jukebox singing to Rocky who wakes up at odd hrs. The commitment of both my Mom and Dad has always overwhelmed me. They'd always be my Super Dad and Super mom.
Super Mom

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