Monday, April 27, 2015

Right-Wrong Motivation?

Its 1.24 am my time, sitting on my bed writing a blog post having little motivation ofcourse, because I'm on sick leave. I chose not to move around this week, since my illness is contagious and didn't want to spread it around so that people would blame or curse me afterwards.

I was motivated to stay at home because I'm a responsible citizen/ Friend. I was motivated to write this because of the overwhelming FB likes ;) (I wish i am right!)

Likewise people get motivated for so many reason,

for money
for fame
for honour
for pleasure
for food
for love

you name it, people get motivated for all sorts of weird stuff too. But what is really motivation though? 

Motivation is in my understanding, something that drives you, energizers you to perform an action. Some people need external influences and some can self motivate, however the trick is whether you are motivated for the right reasons.

Right and wrong can be very subjective, it differs from person to person, to the situation you are in and your current mentality therefore having a broader perspective will make you a wiser person. A person who can evaluate right from wrong or wrong from right.

Let see this demonstration,

Buddha says , "Mind is everything, what you think, you become"
Prophet Muhammad (swt) says "strive always to excel in virtue and truth"
Bible says "Keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flow the springs of life."

These are three different quotes, but the common factor is that it speaks of the human mind. However, if you label it Buddhist, Islamic and Christian you may only understand it in one perspective, with a narrow understanding but if you combine all these together it says, 
"Mind is everything, keep your heart with all vigilance. what you think you become therefore strive always to excel in virtue and truth, for from it flow the springs of life"

won't it make you a smarter person? isn't it a pretty awesome quote?

Think again - what motivates you?

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Awesomeness in the Land Down Under - My Family

It's Pretty strange to be back home, in Sri Lanka. Sitting on the familiar chair wondering what in the blue hell happened for the last 3 weeks. To be honest, It was a life changing experience. 

I can't imagine how it feels so unfamiliar to work with the stuff that I lived with for 30 years. It feels strange, I miss my mattress that I slept on, in Essendon at Larry's place. I miss my home in Melbourne. I fell in love with the place simply because it loved me back, like - a lot! The comfort in the blankets to the warmth in the house itself, living with 4 awesome people made me not miss home back in SL - at all. Now it feels strange to come back.

I miss my Lunket Brother, Manesh aka Platty, the guy who has earned a lot of my respect for being a loyal friend for all these years. From naughty days in schools and even 10 years after, he has simply been awesome. Whenever we have a conversation, he's the only guy who gives me self belief, and then I go "Yes I can!".

I miss my Lunket Sister, Thevuni aka Roo, the girl who is my wing woman. She is the awesomest girl I know. For the good times and bad she has always been in my corner - laughing or crying, It doesn't really matter, because she gives me strength to move forward like Jesse the Eagle ;) well a little better than that I reckon. 

I miss Jasmine, well she'll be here next month so it's an opportunity to hangout and spread some awesomeness around.

Most of all I miss my dearest Larry and  Cynner! I'm truly blessed to have you guys in my life, you guys are too awesome! The hospitality, the warmth and your kindness just blew my mind. It sincerely gave me hope to be a better person. I can still clearly remember the first question that I asked you guys was " where are the people?" because the roads were empty compared to Sri Lanka, but who needs people when Australia has you guys. 

I can also remember when we had Sake one evening - A Japanese Milk, I asked Larry "Aren't you gonna mentor a young guy- with all your knowledge?" well, to be honest you inspire me, your kindness, generosity and people's skills can never be matched with anyone I know of - so if you have a vacancy please do let me know, I'll be honoured. You can be Mr.Miyagi and I can be the Wombat kid. :D

Buddha says, be kind, be generous, be honest, be sincere - your consistency of having these attributes proved to me that people in Sri Lanka have a lot to learn from you guys. Your qualities go beyond any pious Buddhist, Hindu, Christian or a Muslim in this country. The World needs to learn from you. You better be ready!

It feels awesome that this trip to "Harmony week in Australia" happened and it has been two days since it ended, now in my familiar room, its still strange to be back, one question, did you guys cast a spell? or is it just Vegemite?  ;)

This post is dedicated for you - Larry, Cynthia and my Lunket Family - to show my gratitude and to say I love you and I miss you guys a lot.
But (In Arnold Schwarzenegger's Accent) " I'll be back!"