Thursday, November 6, 2014

Simply Blessed to Hit the big 30

Team India beats all odds to win the World Dance championship. As strange as it may sound Happy new year is one hell of a hilarious movie. So a quick re-cap on an important three Zero, Dirty thirty.

Waking up late - √
Going to a mosque - √
Feeding the pigeons - √
Feeding more pigeons - √
Talking to a strange lady with Pon Pon's mother - √
Having chicken buriyani with Crab - √
Having more buriyani - √
Watching a Hindi movie, close up - √
killing time - √
killing more time - √
Surprising the people who were supposed to surprise me - √
Cake face job with foam - √
Hanging out with homies at home away from home drinking milk - √

So after all this events, all I can say is turning 30 is pretty Epic. You can see it from the twinkle in my eyes. Yes look closely.Thank you for all the wishes, pleasant thoughts and as well as for keeping me in your lives. I'm truly blessed.

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  1. Ah that surprise was epic! Thanks for being such a good sport