Monday, November 17, 2014

Karma Sutra

Familiar breath of Fresh air evenly polluted with Carbon monoxide, Dust and many other micro particles that I'm not really privileged to differentiate the unique flavours with my partially functioning sensors. 
Familiar Traffic, there's always a way out with even if the retarded Kossa (Policeman) has no clue of maintaining the traffic without creating traffic Jams.
Familiar Toyota faces of Lankans, which reminds me of the Chinese if they were a little recognizable. well maybe not..
Familiar Sunshine on my brown skin, Piercing through it, making myself deep (Quote from -Thambi Malli), then, even before I could enjoy the true essence of it - comes the almighty rain makes you do nothing but sleep all day. In my case, I get wet quite often, cuz I'm just an ordinary man with an ordinary Bike.


It's interesting that I live in a Buddhist Country, that belongs to the people of this country which includes me unfortunately to all the racist friends. Anyway that is called Karma in some way. If i had it any other way with the deeds i could've done probably would be living in a luxurious Castle in Malibu California. I'm pretty sure my people are very familiar with the term - Karma.

It is also interesting how Lankans under-estimates Karma. We still do have a pretty good literacy rate that we can be proud of a little higher than the rate of suicides. However, to define Karma we have gone to the extent of using Sinhala proverbs, 

Kala kala de pala pala de - You get what you give

Uda pannoth bima watei - If you jump you'll fall down

Don't get me wrong this post doesn't carry out a message of any sort but it does help you to understand to think before you act or before you make a decision in life, because like Newton says "every action has an equal and an opposite reaction", What he forgot to mention was the aftermath of the reaction, if its a good action you'll get gifts from Santa during Christmas or before if its not well err..unfortunately life can be a bitch. True Story. Don't ask me ask Adolf Hitler, oh yeah he's dead now isn't he?

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