Sunday, November 2, 2014

14th Shall set you free!

People ask me why I like theatre so much, why am I so passionate about it. Honestly I cannot describe the satisfaction I get when I'm on stage. Now its quite different though, I get goosebumps when my Team is on stage. Its like seeing the results of my efforts, Its like parents seeing children making them proud. I mean super proud! I take more pride in that now.

Directing my 14th Forum theatre production was indeed a memorable one, with the excitement throughout the week and the excitement of the after party!. The day started horribly with Tariq, missing the Van! - excuse, oversleeping! well don't be surprised its just Tariq.

I almost threw up in the van because the restless driver really loved his breaks, or was he falling asleep? couldn't quite figure that out. But al in all It was fun talking about the past adventures and making people laugh despite the puke control. 

Lunch, woah! it was surprisingly awesome, everyone was super hungry. Abdulla and the team ate like there was no tomorrow. His idea was - eat, throw up - eat some more!. Thank God it wasn't a buffet, although I was a little worried when he went for his third serving.

Waiting for Tariq was terrible, so just for fun, asked everyone to call him every 5 mins. Finally he made it with his face full of his goofy grin. Strangely enough, the next 60km was a another 3 hr drive. So did a quick gabble while dressing up, because we thought we were late but we weren't. Got in 2 hours before the show which gave us ample time to fool around. We got a nice comfortable room until Abdulla again almost ruined it with his free flowing rear side. Fortunately Thilanka Saved us all with his magic spray - yes we all smelled the same after that.

Now we were prepared, Focused, determined so had to come up with a war cry.. as goofy as it may sound, our war cry was Maaaaaaaa-Zinnngaaaa!. We were so pumped up, we did the maa-zingaa with the lawyers too, during the ice breaker. how cool is that. 

Showtime - Everyone was amazing, Hasara, Zaid and Tariq were superstars with their 'Producer mode" if you know what I mean. ;) Tracy and Shehara were awesome being women. Thilanka, Nishy and Abdulla were knocking some serious balls with their super neutral ways. As a director couldn't have asked for a better deal. Even Shanaka was amazing. These guys rocked the place with their God given acting skills. Deservingly the last comment (Not the anthima final one) was done by the CJ who congratulated for a good and a meaningful show. The best thing about it was that it was done by his own will, so we believe that we served the purpose. We even got a strange token of appreciation. "A hand". No one knew what it was all about. until Shehara wanted to use it to eat and to wash her back after a dump, I sincerely hope 'the hand' is not part of one of those crazy lawyer jokes though.

The conclusion - was epic, celebration with bourbon milk, black milk and Karapincha leaves, Laughed like there was no tomorrow. I can barely remember why we laughed, something about Nishy's soup and lollipop. Another reason why we should call up a meeting to find out what in the blue hell happened. 

All in all we agree that its a start of a new adventure - Freedom Theatre Production with this crazy bunch. Thank you for an epic time guys.

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