Monday, September 11, 2017

Super Heroes in the Ordinary World - #4 Iron Lady aka Ninja Tigress

It's not easy to write about someone when you have a lot of information about that person, which you know should be captured but you also know that you have to pick and choose or thus making it incomplete. Well, sadly this is one of those attempts, as this post might not do justice to the person at all.

Well this post is about, Thevuni aka Ninja Tigress, I met her long time ago - definitely feels a million time ago, when she was just a girl and I was just a boy. Now she's a young woman and I'm still a boy! - (at least that's what I'd like to think of myself).  Anyway the reason I decided to write a post about her is - simply because - She's super awesome. Of course, she's awesome for many reasons, I'd like to capture the top 7 things out of many I know of, as she attains her rightful place at the hall of fame of Super Heroes.

Reason #1 - Being True to Yourself

She's one of the few people I know who actually walks the talk and doesn't want to talk the walks. She always questions integrity and honesty within herself first more than focusing on shortcomings of others. She believes in inside out approach that would constantly improve yourself as it keeps you on check. She firmly believes that 'world you create around you is a reflection of your own self'.

Reason # 2 - She has a big heart

Thevuni weighs about 45kg but everyone who knows her, knows that her heart weighs way more than that. Not in a literal sense but in a more emotional sense of course. She will fight with you, argue with you, get mad at you, but will be the first one to forgive and forget and then fight for you. Her ability to absorb people's grief is quite remarkable, sometimes she goes to the extent of destroying her own well-being just to be there for her friends and family.

Reason # 3 - She's a Huge Animal lover

People in this world can be ignorant or can easily be distracted by their own lack of understanding of compassion. But I learnt a lot about compassion by simply observing Thevuni's love towards animals. She often say that 'Animals have a bigger hearts than people' (Not literally sigh) but then again, she, herself counter argues by her own action, by being compassionate towards all animals. I don't know about animals but I can definitely vouch for her.

Reason # 4 - Her Strong sense of Loyalty

She's one of the most loyal people you can find in this screwed up world. I've seen her do crazy things over this few years compromising her studies, her health, her safety and her life to be with the people that mattered to her the most. She traveled all by herself in a night bus for 10 hrs to be at an event in Ampara (East of Sri Lanka) just because she wanted to contribute, to do her job but most importantly to share the grief of her team mates as she knew work that needed to be done was challenging and absurdly hard. Well she didn't stop doing it once but continued to do it several times, almost jeopardizing her exams multiple times.

Reason # 5 - Not afraid to do the right thing

She's a genuine role model for ordinary women and men, as she's proven to the world that ordinary-average people can do exceptional things in life by simply being ordinary. But being ordinary is not easy, you need to learn to do the right thing. Of course right and wrong can be very subjective in the real world, but at least you need to learn to be 'fair in life'. 'Not Equality but equity' - that's her mantra.

Reason # 6 - Simplicity

'It's simple - Be simple. Be grounded, be humble. - that's the Bottom line' she says.

Reason # 7 - Girl power

She's a firm believer on girl power, and she resonates her beliefs through action. Simply put, she's not afraid to be a woman and to challenge all odds. Lets face it, we live in a world dominated by men, ruled by men, controlled by men and there's very little space for women to take lead, or even participate. So it is inspiring to see a young woman challenging the status-quo of the world, even by a small thing. And she does that - and that's it.

In conclusion, I'd like to state again that this post might be incomplete as it doesn't capture everything about Thevuni but it surely gives a damn good reason to be a Super Hero. I'm truly honored and inspired by Thevuni for her well deserved achievements, her loyalty and most importantly for being herself - Iron Lady.


  1. to be simple ' I second this statement (article)'; Thevuni akki has mentored me in 3 sessions- and to be honest I understood her character all at once, Her compassion and also her humbleness was well prescribed in the first day itself. She talked to us as if she knew us for years and she was very gentle going.
    Her involvement in the FLC too was radiant, all this together with some of the qualities that i didnt mention here(but are worth mentioning)make her as Ramzi ayya says the "Iron Lady'.
    Nice article Ramzi Ayya !

    1. Thank you Ammar! I'm humbled by your words. I hope we will receive more opportunities to work together in the future! :)