Thursday, July 7, 2016

Super Heroes in the Ordinary World - #3 Ultimate Lazman

So finally decided that I had some time to write about something, in this case somebody. Its not just
somebody - the one and only Ultimate Lazman. His mother called him Larry and don't be fooled by his colour- he's a 100% Sri Lankan. This guy is quite instrumental in shaping my ideology to be a genuine human being. 

Some people are only good at inspiring through words not by action and some are good in coaching people but not being role models. This guy - Lazman - is an all rounder of all rounders, he walks the talk and a great life coach too. His positive vibes are the best vibes you can ask for on a rough day, not forgetting the Baileys. I've never met a person who can only talk about positive things - except Lazman. 

We often have deep conversation over a cup of tea or 'milk', almost every time it starts with a simple question - For an example,

Quite recently he asked me - 'So Ramzi How does it feel to be fasting - spiritually?' - There's no simple answer for that question because no one really have asked me that before. Generally people ask 'Are you hungry?' or they would say ' you must be thirsty' or they would simply assume that we cant even swallow saliva!

The first phase of our friendship was based on an introduction made to help him to conduct a mini conference. I met him several times since the introduction and one particular occasion was really stuck in my memory, where once we were having a conversation about the Future leaders conference that concluded in Ampara and I was explaining it to him that it was one of the roughest experiences I ever had in a while and I told him during this rough patch someone managed to steal 30,000 rupees from me. At that moment of time he slowly reached his pocket took a 20,000 rupee note collection and forces into my pocket. My reflexes are very slow so he managed to win. I know Lazman is not a Rich guy but He's definitely Rich at heart, What he told me that day was that 'Ramzi, Universe has a special way of giving back to me when I need money, So it is not a problem - you keep it. You need it more than I do.' I hope one day I could be generous as he is. - I wish.

He's inspiring in many ways, he in fact watched movies for his Masters degree. That, I think super cool thing to do. 

His wisdom through experience and coaching can be considered invaluable, Thank God I'm his friend, I get it for free!!
You are a true inspiration LAZMAN, only if you had a drive to run for President, - you will definitely be Mr.President. 

Love you to Melbourne and Back. <3 Be awesome as you are. 

I'm honoured to be your friend. But, For me, you are family.

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  1. Wonderful profile of a truly wonderful human being! (And I am very grateful to know you both!)