Saturday, December 12, 2015

Bird's eye View

"Swing low, sweet chariot
Coming for to carry me home,
Swing low, sweet chariot,
Coming for to carry me home."

If you haven't experienced the thrills of the 2003 rugby world cup finals then you wouldn't understand how important that song is to people. During that time I was supposed to study for my A/L exams but we couldn't resist an excellent game of rugby and of course an absorbing game of 'One Bump' cricket with my buddies back in the day. 
Last week I had the privilege of going to Johnny Wilkinson Country a.k.a England. Since I was a kid I was very interested in visiting the country as it had so much history, with people, places and most importantly the buildings. 
I never expected to be in England this soon in my life but I guess it had to be done. The first impression was that, despite the wet, cold, damp nature it is a Pretty country. The architecture is simply mind blowing. People -there were so many of them- were much friendlier that I expected. I had the honour of visiting the Oval couple of times and Millwall football club, which has beautiful inspiring story of working with the community. 
My normal day would involve a lot of walking, this made me go around the city attractions with lovely decos at Oxford street for Christmas, Ofcourse, Greenwich time thing, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace to wave at the Queen - if she had spotted me could've invited for a cup of tea. ;)

Met few friends after along time and managed to catch up over a meal, which was very special because everyone is super busy in London so need some luck to find time.

As I mentioned the place is full of history, the museum simply keeps you "wow" remark consistent for atleast 2 hrs. That's all the time I had for it, I must tell though they've definitely brought the entire countries and cities in their ships to their museum. I'm not kidding!

With the history comes our dearest friend Will, who has his own Globe close to the London Bridge. I managed to grab a ticket to stand and watch 'Cymbeline' for 10 pounds. It was surreal to be inside the globe and a little intimidating. The authenticity was simply astonishing as they only used candles to bring about the effects. I felt so blessed to witness a play in that quality. Guess what! during the break of the play, comes near me and asked me whether I could take her 38 pound ticket, which was a free giveaway. And Guess what again! it was right infront of the bloody stage - front row seats!! I thoroughly enjoyed the play thanks to her generosity. And I wish I could've taken a picture though.

On the way back in the plane, as I was trying to relax, accommodating the rules of the plane I heard a familiar voice addressing the passengers. This was the voice of the Captain asking everyone to chill and have a good time. Guess what again! He was my uncle! Even though I sent him a message the stewardess couldn't deliver it as she was super busy. However, making a pleasant surprise, he was loafing around the plane and I managed say Hi. Eventually I had the opportunity to have a bird's eye view on the landing, which definitely a result of an extended luck I had. 

All in all, I learned one important lesson after this trip - If you have some luck, "Stretch it"! it can't be bad.


  1. Dear Ramzi , It was always going to be an AWESOME journey because you approach life like that. Its not going to be boring or make you tired because its fun and new and wonderful and full of interesting history and fascinating sights and nice people - Just like this world really is when you approach it like that.
    I am happy that you had such fun. I am sure the Queen will be sasd that she missed you and the chance to share atea and chat with my AWESOME bro.
    Love you Man, Laz xxxx

  2. What a trip for a Wombat! So the Wombie had the chance to feel what it means to be a bird!!! Your good Karma always pay you back! :)
    Lots of love xx