Sunday, November 2, 2014

A Potato with a Japanese Soul

The night sky was simply amazing, never knew the sky would transform into such a mesmerizing sight in the middle of the sea. I can remember Nikki asking me to cover as many sun sets and sun rises as possible. I think I managed about 5 in total. Well all I can say is - "Dude you gotta see this". 

I was with peaceful thoughts, Loafing around thinking "This is too cool to be true". Was high with life. Salty breeze piercing through the normality in life, merely exposing its shameless effect on the sunset, gave me self contentment. That day at that moment felt that how privileged I was to be on that boat, a well deserved journey seeking nothing but experience to enhance the bucket list. Tick.

Music - is instrumental in adding a little glamour to life, through the Good times and the bad times. These are however, super awesome times. Honestly, even Mozart couldn't have done a better job. I missed the actual show because of our heavy learning schedule. But this was perfect, A fellow Potato under the shadowed sky listening to Japanese souls next to an awesome wing-woman. Life couldn't have been better. 

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